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Women’s Self Defense

We hold Self Defense Workshops throughout the year for tweens, teens and adults. Recently, we held a Mommy and Me self defense workshop for 80 girls and their moms. As a family studio, we have a passion for empowering girls and women to know they have a voice and can defend themselves when needed. 

KIDS Program

Being a family-owned studio, we have a passion for teaching kids that they have power, a voice and can defend themselves if needed. Our programs teach discipline, self control, focus and integrity. Your child will have lots of fun while they learn martial arts. They’ll learn anti-bullying techniques, street self defense as well as leadership skills and how to be a role model.

teens and adults program

 The USSD Teen & Adult Program is designed to provide you with the principles of self-defense while strengthening your stamina & physical ability. In addition, the techniques and training fundamentals you learn will be adjusted to fit your needs and interests, whether your goals are to learn to defend yourself, get in shape, become more flexible, reduce stress or otherwise.    

Kempo Martial Arts

Kempo (or Kenpo) is a self defense system which blends traditional martial arts – Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu and Kickboxing with street self defense systems similiar to Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Systema. Kempo is known to be one of the most efficient and effective self defense systems. All training, of course, is taught age appropriate.

Our Classes






My older son has been a part of USSD HB for about 3 months and he loves it as much today as he did on the first day. (We discovered the dojo on a school field trip). As a martial arts practitioner myself of about a decade, I am impressed with the balance of hard work and fun (can you say Nerf Wars once a month?) I also liked that Sensei Ted said he had been open about one year, but there were mostly junior belts in class...sometimes studios just test their students quickly to get them through the ranks, but the belt levels seem very consistent with the duration of the studio open. I would highly recommend the kids program to any/all children. I have yet to try an adult class, so I can’t speak to that at the moment. They have recently started a Tiny Tigers class for the very little kids...I can’t wait until my littlest is ready for it!

Katherine B.

I cannot say enough good things about this amazing studio, and its incredible owners, Ted and Tanya! Both my 11 year old daughter and my 8 year old son take Kempo classes here, and they absolutely love it! Neither of my kids had any martial arts experience when they started, and they have learned so much in such a short amount of time. Sensei Ted has such a positive energy that shines through when he is teaching the kids! He makes the classes fun and engaging while teaching the kids skills, self discipline and positive attitude. It is a great, family-friendly studio!

Jennifer D.

I don’t even know where to begin, this place is simply phenomenal. Its hard to explain how great Sensei Ted is, you would have to come see for yourself. He cares for each and every one of his students, young or old. He offers classes five days a week, and my daughter wants to go to every single class. She is learning so many things here and she’s having a great time while doing so. Not just different forms of martial arts and self defense, but life skills. We are his newest and biggest fans.

Ella M.

Sensei Ted and USSD HB are great! My 2 boys are taking Kempo classes and they LOVE it. Sensei Ted keeps the class fun while at the same time teaching them discipline, respect and hard work. I recommend USSD HB to everyone. I have seen students of all ages in there sweating and smiling.

Pete J.



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