May 31, 2018

June 2nd Saturday

• 12-1230pm | Nerf War
• 1-2pm | Tai Chi Class
• 3-5pm | Donuts & Defense – A Mother & Daughter Self Defense Workshop

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June 5th Tuesday

4-5pm – Tai Chi Class

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June 16th Saturday

• Belt Rank Test
• Ninja Night (tentative)

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July 4th Week

Ninja Camp 2018: Bully Blockers

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July 14th Saturday

3-5pm – Weapon Workshop - Chinese Broad Sword

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Nerf War

1st Saturday of every month, 12-12:30pm - After Jr. Dragons (Kids class), students, siblings and friends can have fun in our once-a-month nerf war (you can bring your gun if you have one)

Tai Chi Class - Saturday, June 2nd 1-2pm

Health issues? Ailments? Seniors, need to exercise? Joan Wang, accomplished 4th degree Black Belt Tai Chi Instructor, with more than 25 years of experience in Tai Chi, will be leading the workshop, involving rhythmic movements and meditational healing exercises promoting overall health and improving balance, flexibility and muscle strength. Sign up at & for more info Tai Chi Workshop

Donuts & Defense – A Mother & Daughter Self Defense Workshop –

Saturday, June 2nd, 3-5pm

Moms and daughters (age 8+), this is a unique workshop designed especially for you. Join us for an afternoon of fun, donuts, and most importantly how to defend yourself in a bully or attack situation, avoid deviants, and be aware or stranger danger.

USSD Giving Back: 30% of proceeds are going to support local HB charity, Young Lives,, where young teen moms get much support in everything from necessary tangibles to counseling, events and community.


 Test Day

The next belt test is Saturday June 16th for those that are invited. Times and location will be announced, but generally kids are in the morning. Arrive 15 minutes early to check in and gi up. Test fees are due no later than Wednesday 6/14. We can use your Zen Planner billing account or you can pay by credit card, check or cash at dojo. Email Sensei Ted at to let him know payment method. Payment covers test, new rank belt, certificate and now NEW take-home workbook and in-class rank progress workbook.   

Ninja Camp 2018: Bully Blockers

Whether it's happening at school, at soccer practice, during play-dates, or in your own neighborhood, Ninja Camp is THE summer camp for kids to learn how to recognize and fight back against bullying and “stranger danger”. These confidence-boosting days will be filled with lots of fun challenges & games, "stranger danger" avoid & escape drills, food and crafts. They'll learn the importance of teamwork, focus, respect and effort while building self-esteem & making new friends. 

This year's camp is Monday & Tuesday, 7/2-7/3, closed Wednesday for July 4th, and Thursday and Friday, 7/5-7/6. Time slots and pricing will be available soon.  

We only allowing 15 slots for Ninja Camp 2018. If you'd like to secure a spot for your child, please get the registration form back to the Dojo ASAP (to be sent out soon). Pre-reserve your spot by emailing Registration ends when all spots have been filled.

Weapon Workshop - Chinese Broad Sword: July 14th Saturday 3-5pm

Kids and adults, come join us for two hours of fun learning about the Chinese Broad Sword. Each workshop includes a real Chinese Broad Training Sword (kids and adult sizes), certificate of completion, and two hours instruction of learning a dragon sword form.

Private Lessons

Please remember to make your private lessons a priority over the group classes, meaning, if you had to choose, ensure you get your private lesson in. Although we'd love for everyone to come to all group classes, we understand availability is limited.

A new video subscription website available now! It has videos of all of the Kempo required material. This is a great tool to review what you've learned in class, as well help you practice your Kempo drills. The subscription prices are very reasonable. Go to website for more information or to subscribe.

We're thankful for each and every one of you! Thank you for being part of our dojo family!

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