Our number one priority is the safety of our students and their families. Please review the info below and contact us with any questions. Thank you!

~Sensei Ted

  • ONLINE SEMI-PRIVATES –  We are preparing to hold virtual semi-privates if needed, through FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Skype. If you want to schedule one, please contact us.
  • VIRTUAL “GROUP” CLASSES  – We will be setting up Facebook Live group classes where you can participate in your home. If you want more info for access, please contact us.


  • Students must use hand sanitizer/wipes when entering & leaving dojo
  • Until further notice, training will have no person to person contact
  • Training contact on kick/punch bags allowed only with student’s own gloves/gear (we can provide new gear if needed)
  • Until further notice, there’ll be no grappling, take downs or techniques practiced person-to-person
  • If you’re coughing or sneezing, please stay away for 1 week after symptoms are gone
  • Semi-private lessons can be saved & rescheduled anytime



Recent email sent out:

Since in-studio classes are cancelled due to the Governor’s order, we’re providing ONLINE 30-minute private lessons twice a week (two 30-minute lessons or combine for one hour) at no extra charge.

We want to make sure you receive the value of your membership with this new initiative. In the near future, we may be adding some fun things like offsite or online challenges, facebook live group classes, mini tournaments, park days, etc. – yet to be determined.

In the meantime, please take advantage of the extra privates we are providing and schedule them as soon as you can. We’ve been working hard to get everything set up so you can schedule your online semi-private lessons.

With our new tools in place, you can automatically schedule your lessons using our new scheduling app on the website. We’ve started an account with Zoom for seamless video conferencing – we’ve already done several lessons this way and it’s working great!

We love our dojo family and looking forward to continued training together!! Sincerely, Sensei Ted and Family

Below are the steps for scheduling the online lessons – please schedule now to reserve your spot:

  1. Go to and click on Schedule a Lesson
  2. Scroll and select your Group/Belt Rank (Tiny Tigers, Jr. Dragons, Teens, Adults) and click
  3. Here you’ll see the available dates highlighted on the calendar. Click on one
  4. Click on the time and confirm
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation and reminder texts/emails about the lesson
  6.    Do this twice to reserve your two privates per week – also, do your children/siblings as separate entries.

Please note that some of your preferred times may not be available. We grouped like students together. If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We want to make this work as much as possible for everyone.

 Video Conferencing Setup:

  1. Make sure you’ve reserved your two spots in the above Calendar. Follow steps above
  2. You can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  3. Laptop: Go to Click on JOIN A MEETING and enter Meeting ID and password provided by us before your lesson starts. You may need to download & install the program. No need to start an account.
  4. Tablet or smartphone: Go to and click JOIN, and then download the Zoom app. Enter the Meeting ID and password provided by us before your lesson starts

Please position camera so that we can see students from head to toe. They should be in full uniform or USSD shirt, pants and belt. See you on the screen!


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