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Our style of martial art is a very balanced combination of traditional Japanese Karate and Jiu Jitsu , Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu and Kickboxing. Kempo is know for it’s brutal system in self defense, meaning it’s very effective. Kempo’s strategy is to attack fast with multiple strike and/or kicks and to finish with efficiency. The self defense system can be compared to the Israeli combat system, Krav Maga. It’s traditional martial art side incorporates the blend of Shaolin Kung Fu and Japanese Karate. The fighting and sparring style used much similar strikes and kicks as Muay Thai Kickboxing. 

Since its founding in 1968, USSD has been established as the premiere Martial Arts and Self Defense organization throughout North America. From its early beginnings as a small studio in the outskirts of Boston, USSD has grown to over 70 locations nationwide and counting. Like the well-nurtured bonsai, the roots of the United Studios family run deep – built on a foundation of traditional values with a modern day approach to self-defense and personal development. For over 40 years, United Studios has pioneered martial arts training, providing professional instruction to Men, Women & Children of all ages.  



 Sensei Ted has been training with United Studios of Self Defense for 13 years, earning his black belt in Shaolin Kempo. He continues his regular training under Master Jack Turner and Sensei Steve Raines. He attributes much of his love for Kempo to his founding sensei, Matt Mattera, son of USSD founder Professor Charles Mattera. He is grateful for all that have led him in his Kempo journey and strives to share his passion to all whom are interested. His goal is to share the knowledge and experience he has with as many kids, women and men as he can. Although everyone isn’t for martial arts, he believes martial arts is for everyone. 

SENSEI MICHAEL STEVENS – With over ten years training in Shaolin Kempo, Michael is one of the best martial artists around. Everyone that trains with and under Michael loves to be with the guy. His passion and dedication to training and teaching the magic of martial arts is something we all admire.

SENSEI TANYA CHARFAUROS –  Tanya has been a martial artist for 12 years, although taking a break to have kids – they told her to stop training at 9 months pregnant (go figure), she’s reengaged her joy and love for Kempo. Don’t let her sweet italian smile and big brown eyes make you forget that she has brutal kicks and strikes. She doesn’t hesitate to smother her opponent.  A mom of three and a sensei of many, Tanya’s calm spirit and strong essence is one to be sought after. She loves sharing her martial art experience with the kids as well as adults.